Bus Turístico Toledo


Descripción de la experiencia

Discover Toledo and its stunning view from a City Sightseeing open top bus. The start point of this tour is the Alcázar CSS bus stop. Here, the bus waits for 15 minutes and starts the tour surrounding this monument, located in the highest point of the city. While doing this, we can see San Servando castle on the other side of the Tajo river. Then, we arrive to Zocodover square, the most important one of the city and, therefore, the main meeting point. Just going down the street, we arrive to our second bus stop: Bisagra Gate. (“Hinge”). Extended and rebuilt in 1550 by Alonso de Covarrubias. It was envisioned as a grand triumphal arch dedicated to Emperor Charles of Hapsburg. Impressive imperial shield of arms with the two-headed eagle, and the insignia of the order of Toisón de Oro knighthood or Golden Fleece.

After admiring this wonderful gate, we continue going down until arriving at the next stop: Remonte de Safont/Scalators and go on to the railway station/AVE station, where passengers can finish the tour to travel to Madrid or new passengers can join us. Our bus stops here for 15 minutes, always taking into the account the arrivals of the trains coming from Madrid. We start again our tour towards the Valle/Valley, crossing a bridge next to the Alcántara one. Of Roman origen and rebuilt in Muslim and Christian times. It rests on two round archs, and supports the fortified gate tower which gives the access to the alficen (Al-Hizan). From this point we stop for panoramic views, and allow time to admire the city from a privileged point.

The tour has the longest stop, for 5 minutes, to take some pictures and continues to the next one: Cigarrales. These are very big houses in the middle of smallholdings outside the city from where we can still seeing the old part of Toledo. The next stop is at San Martin bridge. Raised above five arches, dating from the 14th century, was promoted by Archbishop Tenorio. Crossing this bridge we will arrive to the Jewish Quarter and the first monument we will find is San Juan de los Reyes Monastery. We continue until arriving at the new part of Toledo, to stop at Reconquista Avenue, next to Gate of Alfonso VI, also referred as the old Bisagra Gate it is of Muslim origin dating from the early 10th century.

Near from here and also from Bisagra Gate, we find the Hospital de Tavera. Founded in 1541 by Cardinal Juan Tavera. Many different works from famous painters are exhibited in the museum, such as El Greco, Ribera, Zurbarán, Sánchez Coello, Caravaggi. The national Section Of Nobility Archive is curretly kept on the premises of the building. We finish our tour and return to the Alcazar, this time through Bisagra Gate.

Audio guide available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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