Picasso And Gothic Museum Morning Tour


Descripción de la experiencia

The name of Barcelona comes from the Latin language, specifically from Barcino. This was the name the Romans gave to their foundation. Some remains of this primitive settlement are still visible at the Gothic Quarter, where we will take you to discover more things about the history of the city through its medieval cobbled and tortuous streets.

You will learn more things about some of the most important places in the city, like les Rambles and the Cathedral. The next part of the tour is the Born’s neighbourhood, where we will enjoy the fabulous view of Santa Maria del Mar church, built in a superb gothic stile. Between narrow streets we will find the Picasso Museum.

This is the only museum that has been created whilst the painter was still alive, and it’s an interesting place to appreciate the beginning of his career. During the guided tour you will understand Picasso’s artistic evolution, always in parallel to his biography. At the end of the tour you can remain inside Picasso Museum as long as you like.

English and Spanish

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